Last week, The BugPlug made its New England debut at the NEPMA annual trade show/expo in Boxboro, Mass. The interest shown by both the attendees and other vendors was very promising.

Once the attendees realized how much time and money could be saved by using The BugPlug on their termite jobs, we could literally see the interest peak! Questions were asked and answers were given about the functionality and how termite specialists could save time and money by using the product.

If you are not familiar with The BugPlug, in short, it is a plastic plug used to cap the holes left behind from termite jobs. It leaves a very professional, finished look for the customer, while saving loads of time and labor for the pest control technician. If you are interested in learning more, please visit the site @ www.thebugplug.com .

But the PCO’s were not the only ones interested in learning more about The BugPlug, there seemed to be some growing interest from some retailers who, if they decided to, could carry The BugPlug in their stores to make them available to the masses. For anyone seeking this product, it would obviously serve as a convenience for them to be able to purchase them at their local pesticide retailer (e.g.. ensystex, residex, etc.)

We are thankful to all of our customers and look forward to the future serving them!

Until next time,

Joe LaBruzza
The BugPlug

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