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Joseph LaBruzza
The BugPlug



The BugPlug promises to save time and money while performing termite jobs.


Forked River, NJ | 7/xx/2013– The BugPlug today announced release of its self-titled product, The BugPlug. The BugPlug fits snugly into the holes left behind during termite jobs, and is held in place by protruding wings strategically placed along its core. The BugPlug quickly and efficiently close holes left behind during termite jobs, while leaving a polished, professional appearance. The entire installation takes just seconds per hole, saving the technician hours from each job, and his employer hours of pay as well. “The BugPlug shaved at least 3 hours off of my day, and that was just two [termite] jobs! I got finished quicker and my back isn’t hurting at all!” – Anthony Santana (Guardian Termite & Pest Control)


The BugPlug will significantly cut the time needed to patch drill holes left from performing a termite job. As well as allow the technician to leave a nice professional look that both him and his employer can be proud of. By using The BugPlug, the job can be cut down by hours, allowing the technician to get more work done per day, thus saving/making the company money. For companies that may be interested in branding, it is also possible to have the company logo printed on top of the plugs.


“The BugPlug was developed out of a need for such a product. I have performed many termite jobs and never did I look forward to patching the holes, by the time you cork and cement 100+ holes, your back and knees are aching, not to mention it almost never looks GREAT!…The BugPlug fixes the asthetic problems, it installs in seconds and gets me off to the next job quicker!…It is the way to go” – Joseph LaBruzza-The BugPlug


The BugPlug simply allows the technician to be more efficient during a termite job. It closes holes quickly and effectively, it is a simple place and step procedure. The BugPlug also gets the technicians off of the job quicker saving your company man hours. And at a price as low as ten cents a piece, BugPlugs for the whole [termite] job can cost as little at three dollars (based on 30 holes).


About The BugPlug


The BugPlug is a New Jersey based company. Our product (The BugPlug) is available to wholesalers, retailers and the end user through our website ( We are currently working on building our list of retailers that will carry The BugPlug and that information will also be available on our site. The BugPlug is happy to be able to say that this product is made in America!



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